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Money Career & Motherhood Podcast

Jun 9, 2020

Do you want to raise your kids to be smart about money, but don’t know where to start? If so, today’s episode is for you. Our guest John Lanza of Snigglezoo will help us learn the ins-and-outs of financial education for kids and his book The Art of Allowance. We discuss when we should start talking about money with our children, the real purpose of allowance (hint: it’s not to get your kids to do chores), and how to help our kids learn about money when maybe we don’t feel like we’re doing everything right ourselves.


About the Guest:

John Lanza is on a mission to help families raise money-smart, money-empowered kids so they can live happier, more fulfilled lives. To that end, he has written The Art of Allowance along with three other children’s books. John is the creator and Chief Mammal of The Money Mammals, an award-winning DVD and youth savings program for credit unions nationwide, all built around the core Money Mammals mantra, “We’ll Share & Save & Spend Smart Too!”

John’s mission began with a simple question, “How can we raise our kids to be money smart?” He and his wife realized quickly that financial literacy was vital not only for their own six month old but for all families and The Money Mammals were born – a pioneering program to get kids excited about becoming money smart.

Then The Great Recession hit. It further underscored the need for financial literacy learning for all Americans and it provided the backdrop for John to begin testing out the basic tenets of what would become The Art of Allowance: A Short, Practical Guide to Raising Money-Smart, Money-Empowered Kids with his kids, now fifteen and thirteen. With so many families falling prey to the dangers of our consumer-oriented society, John found that his message was resonating, including the importance of teaching kids the impermanence of stuff, the things we own. Because children are targeted at such a young age with messages with messages to spend, it’s now clear that parents should start early in order to raise money-smart, money-empowered children.


About the Host:

Janice Scholl has spent her entire career talking about money and business. Through her time as a commercial banker, consultant and mentor to budding entrepreneurs, she helped clients create solid business and financial strategies to help propel their business to success. While working with aspiring female entrepreneurs, Janice noticed that the same four themes kept repeating:

  • Many women are uncomfortable with finance, both in their business and in their personal life.
  • Women want access to more women mentors and advisors.
  • Women often start businesses because they feel the corporate world doesn’t fit their lifestyle. Few are motivated by purely financial reasons.
  • Mothers didn’t want money to drive their family decisions.

From these themes The Money, Career, & Motherhood Podcast was born. Now Janice spends her time helping mothers gain confidence and understanding about money, career, and business topics as they relate to motherhood and family – the way many women actually think about money. Janice loves helping mothers implement business and financial strategies within their families to help each family member thrive.

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